May 08th, 2012

«Dialogues Cellestes», Double-concerto for two cellos and orchestra; Taiwan premiere with Antonio Meneses, Pi-Chin Chien and the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gernot Schmalfuss

On 6 and 8 May 2012 the Taiwan-premiere of the cello Double Concerto «Dialogues Cellestes» took place in the HsinChu Performing Hall and the National Concert Hall in Taipei. The title “Dialogues Cellestes” is a play on words, a “heavenly” (céleste) dialogue between two cellos and symphony orchestra. It was written 2009 on the initiative of cellist Antonio Meneses. The 3rd movement as well as a brief introductory discussion with Prof. Gwang-Lin Peng with the participation of the composer and the two soloists can be heard at «Videos»: