Suite Vaudoise (1992)

The «Suite Vaudoise» and the «Rhapsodie for String Orchestra» are of a totally different nature. Both works contain elements of folk music. However in both works there are no authentic folk melodies, but rather similar rhythmic and melodic elements, which imply folk music. The «Suite Vaudoise» in five movements was written in 1992 for the 50 year anniversity of the the Chamber Orchestra of Lausanne. Between the three lively dance movements «Montferrine», «Petite Valse» and «Danse animée» which are based on dance rhythms from the french part of Switzerland are two calm movements «Ranz des vaches» and «Berceuse». The «Ranz des vaches» is based on typical herdsman melodies, where the natural melodic scale of harmonics is imitated by the composer by using the lydian mode. The herdsmans melodies are based mostly on melodies using the natural harmonics which impart a mystical calm feeling to the songs of the Swiss herdsman which were sung to call and quiet the cows. These songs go back to the 15th century. (Marion Beretta / Transl.:Dr. Robert Grossmann)


I. Montferrine
II. Ranz des vaches
III. Petite Valse
IV. Berceuse
V. Danse animé


1 Piccolo, 1 Flute, 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets (B flat), 2 Bassoons
2 Horns (F), 2 Trumpets (B flat)
Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass


about 13 minutes


Complete Work on hire




Marc Andreae, Conductor

Prager Symphoniker

MDS Classics - MDS 3001 (P 1995)

World Premiere

17th of Juli 1996 with the Aspen Concert Orchester and Peter Jaffe, conductor, at Aspen Music Festival (Colorado /USA)


November 13th, 2005 - Baden, Schweiz

Orchestergesellschaft Baden, Felicitas Gadient (Conductor)